Robert S Pohl Photography


Robert Pohl is a fine art photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, specializing in fine art Monochrome Prints. Most of his work is shot with 4x5 and 8x10 large format view cameras. Rob will sometimes work in medium format and/or colour, or shoot digital depending on what a project or assignment requires. His arsenal of cameras, lenses, lighting and processing equipment holds no bounds.

Rob has been photographing and printing for 20 years and has a huge archive of large format negatives and transparencies. With a focus on nature and outdoor photography, Rob will often incorporate content of a historical nature, such as abandoned buildings,historical locations, native sites, artifacts and fossils etc. Rob is married, and has three young girls who will often accompany him as he explores and photographs Canada’s Western Prairies and Rocky Mountains.



The Monochrome Guild

Bio: Robert S. Pohl (b.1963)



The Monochrome Guild is an Edmonton-based group of traditional photographers, who enjoy working with cameras that still require film.  The group was founded in 2002 by Robert Pohl. The initial concept for the group came about as a result of a frustration with the direction that photography was and is taking.  The group embraces traditional monochrome fine art photography as a form of expression and strives to promote it, keeping it alive and well.

The goals of the group are to promote an interest in traditional monochrome photographic methods and processes, a sharing of information and resources, and to work together to find an audience for our artistic expression.  Ultimately we would like to see traditional photography remain alive and well and for it to retain its acceptance as an active and legitimate art form.

We welcome interest from any potential new members with similar interests and goals.

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BIO: ROBERT S. POHL (b.1963)

Rob was born and raised in Edmonton.  Rob is a self taught photographer and printer.  In 1979 Rob started out in photography, with a 35mm camera.  For many years Rob shot color slides, but after some time Rob felt a need to go beyond basic shooting and move up to the developing and printing of his images.  He set up a small home darkroom in his basement, in the late 1980’s.

Rob soon came to understand how much control over the look of the final monochrome print was actually at the developing and printing stages.  In 1992 Rob moved up to medium format photography, in 1996 to a 4” x 5” view camera, and recently began to experiment with an 8” x 10” view camera.  The view camera allows various film types to be used simultaneously, and allows for individual processing control over each sheet film negative.  Rob really learned to appreciate this and continues to work with and experiment with all sorts of film and developer combinations.

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